5/20 Game Dev Update

A quick update from the game dev trenches today. We’re deep into new card development (one of the key things we need to do for our next build, and for Alpha). So deep, in fact, that we have another 100 cards working, and more still in testing, pending a few final fixes.

We’re adding all these cards, so that when we unlock deck building (in the next build!), you’ll have cards to build decks with. And we’re excited to see what you come up with!

We’ve added a lot more mechanics, making combat more interesting (units with Airborne are harder to block, and units with Double Attack will attack twice each turn). And, we’ve added more things you can do to units – you can Poison them, Stun them, and make them unable to attack or block, as well as grant or remove other keyword abilities (we’re still working on the display of some of this, so stay tuned for visuals).

We’re going to have a 200-card set, so you can build decks and play against other worthy opponents. We’ll be measuring the results of those games and listening to your feedback. We’ll then update the cards, improving balance, adding more mechanics, and adjusting cards to make them play & feel more fun.

If you have an idea for a card, be sure to share it on our forums. We’re constantly reading through the suggested the card ideas and card mechanics threads to see what you want in Nova Blitz.