9/30 Patch Notes

9/30 Patch Notes

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9/30 Patch Notes

Giant patch this week! You’ll need to download the newest client version to play: Download New Build

We’ve made a lot of gameplay adjustments. The biggest is that we’re testing out a new starting health total: 25. This will make aggressive decks more competitive against controlling decks. we’ve also buffed several Chaos units, as their aggressive units were worse than those in Nature, Divine, and Tech. Here’s the other gameplay changes:


  • Elf Seer is now a 3/4. Also, we fixed a bug so it will now draw cards off units being summoned for any reason.


  • Hive Sniper is now a 3/6


  • Purify now costs 3, and is a cantrip (it draws you a card when you play it)
  • Vengeance is changed. It now cost 5, and sacrifices your weakest unit to kill their strongest unit.


  • Fairy Sentry now costs 1 and is now 2/1


  • Volcano Giant is now a 4/4
  • Goblin Razorbike is now Aggressive 2
  • Rocket Sled is now 1/4 Aggressive 3
  • Goblin Assistant is now a 2/1
  • Tinsnipper now costs 4, and no longer has first strike
  • Clockmaker’s Crown now gives all constructs in your hand +1/+1
  • Uniblaster is now a 3/2 for 1
  • Minotaur Warlord is now a 7/6 and no longer has Aggressive 2

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Friend chat disconnect bug – the game now reconnects you to chat if you get disconnected
  • Reworded several cards to make them clearer – anything that takes a card from your deck is a “draw”
  • Improved the game startup – now starts up much quicker
  • Fixed an issue with players on slower machines entering the game mid-way through turn 1
  • Improved AI player logic – now blocks more often, and does nothing less often
  • Adjusted the shuffler to use less CPU resources. This also makes 2-aspect slightly more consistent, and 3-aspect slightly less consistent.
  • Fixed an issue with loading and saving too many decklists
  • Fixed wording in the deckbuilder (was “ability”, now “power”)
  • Fixed “Play” button states when the deck is illegal
  • Removed all threading from the client (note to other devs – use coroutines, not threads in Unity)
  • Fixed a bug where the game would hang on exit
  • Improved the deck builder UI – now only requires one click to view another card
  • Client handles errors around lack of internet on game startup and when going to play a game
  • Implemented the server-side portion of the drafting system (and now we’re working on the client-side portion)
  • Reworded several cards to make them clearer – anything that takes a card from your deck is a “draw”