A Whole New Build

We’ve got a brand new build for you to try! The new combat system is in there. Also, you’ll note some visual and user experience upgrades. Oh, and there’s now a Mac client, which makes me really happy.

The client now auto-connects to the server; no need to type in an IP address, and all our server stability and networking upgrades are in there. So one of the things we really want to do is to test how the server works under heavier load.

To focus our testing, to get some load testing, and to get in a bunch of awesome multiplayer games, we’re scheduling some playtest times where we’ll be online. If you want in on this, make sure you’re on our mailing list – we’ll send out the TeamSpeak 3 server information and the playtest schedule.


You can download the build here. As always, by downloading or otherwise interacting with any of these files, you agree to the Nova Blitz Demo EULA.

As usual, you can choose “Play” to play against another human (if there’s someone online), or “Practice vs AI” to play a game against the AI (the AI is always online).

Now, let’s talk details. We’ve modified some cards, so you can try out some new card mechanics in addition to the new combat mechanics. Here’s some deck builder screenshots showing the cards in each of the decks, so you can see what you’ll be playing with in the build. You’ll see some of the decks showing off some other facets of their Aspects.

  • Arcane focuses a little more on its Powers, with a new reanimation and life drain powers. It’s also a lot weaker in the early game – it was definitely too resilient before.
  • Tech’s units are more focused on surviving combat, and the Arms Dealer now makes sense to play early.
  • Divine features a little more healing and mass destruction, with some upgrades for the Paladin, and a new Divine Judgment power that will wipe the board.
  • Nature hasn’t changed much. A few tweaks to some of the bigger cards, and more flavourful interpretations of the Air Elemental and Hydra.
  • Chaos skews more towards aggressive behaviour, giving you a big reason to want combat advantage.

We’ve added some new card mechanics. “First strike” (we’re working on a better name) is pretty self-explanatory. Units with first strike deal damage before other units. “Aggressive” (we’re working on a shorter name) ties to our new combat system. Units with aggressive have their attack stat boosted while you have combat advantage. The best thing about developing these new abilities is that they’ve opened up designs for even more new abilities – there’s some pretty exciting stuff coming down the pipe!

One thing we haven’t spent a lot of time on is game balance, so one of these decks will likely be better than the others (and it might not be the one we expect to be best). Until we get deckbuilding working, we’re not too worried about game balance – design, feel, and UX are what we’re focused on.

We want to hear your feedback on our forums, so be sure to let us know what you think!