Alpha Is Coming

We’re close now – we’ll have an Alpha build in early July! We’ve got most of the features in place for Alpha, and we’re working on polishing the client as much as we can. The big pieces are already in place. 200 cards. Deck building. And full multiplayer play. We’ve got a little more work to do to make sure the game’s the best experience we can make it, and some more testing to do. Once that’s done, we’re ready.

Alpha’s going to be a huge test of our server. Automated tests are great, but never exactly mimic the way humans interact with a game. There will be bugs- there’s an in-game feedback form to let us know about bugs, as well as things you do or don’t like about the game. And, since it’s an Alpha server, we fully expect that the server will go down due to unforeseen problems; we’ll stand it back up when it does.

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