Balancing Prizes

Nova Blitz is a competitive game, and prizes are a given when designing a competitive play system. Our design goal for prizes is to reward success at every level of the game – and by success, we mean winning. To that end, we’re providing prizes for all kinds of play, from the first games you play, right up to the biggest tournaments.

Critical Mass vs Free-to-Play

Nova Blitz is also a free-to-play game. So we need to ensure that players can play, have fun, and grow their collections without paying anything. We’ve connected all three of those goals to the competitive nature of the game by tying all our free-to-play rewards to winning games in casual play. So, unlike many other games, there’s no rewards for simply logging in each day.

For the free player, that means playing casual games against evenly-matched opponents. In casual play, you’ll win a few cards when you win a game. That will let you grow your collection without paying. You’ll get prizes based on how many games you win each day – every time you win a prize in casual play, it’s a little harder to win the next prize that day (thank you, Mr Fibonacci). This lets us give out good prizes without destroying the economy, and prevents the game from getting too “grindy”.

Bigger Prizes

Of course, if you do decide to spend money, you’ll probably play in leagues or a tournament. And, in addition to the fun of playing the game, you’re probably playing because you want to win prizes. In leagues and tournaments, you’ll win a mixture of Credits and Packs. In general, the more casual the event, the more it pays out in Packs; and the more competitive the event, the more it pays out in Credits.

In a draft league, you win Packs – one pack for every two wins for your first 10 wins, then 1 pack per win after that. Plus, you keep the cards you draft, so you’re always walking away from a draft with a nice haul of cards. There’s no cap on wins, so your entry fee could net you a lot of packs!

In constructed leagues, you win a pack for each of your first five wins. After that, you win 500 Credits ($5) per win. And, since 500 Credits is the entry fee, after five wins, you’re winning another league entry every time you win another game.

In tournaments, you have to do well to win prizes. For wins 6-10, you win 5 packs per win. For wins 11-15, you win 2,000 Credits ($20) per win. And every win from 16+, nets you 5,000 Credits ($50) per win! So, if you win 20 games in a tournament, you’ll win a total of 25 packs, and $350 worth of Credits. All for a $10 entry fee, and all in under 3 hours.

And of course, there are championships and even bigger tournaments, with even bigger prizes…

As always with anything to do with the game’s economy, we may find that in testing, things don’t go as planned, so we may make changes to this plan in the future. And as always, when things change, we’ll let you know. Let us know what you think on the forums!