Coming Soon: Friend Challenges

Coming Soon: Friend Challenges

Coming Soon: Friend Challenges

First of all, in case you missed it, the Nova Blitz Kickstarter goes live at 9am on Monday July 20th – 72 hours from now! So on the marketing side of the project, it’s Kickstarter Kickstarter Kickstarter – we’re hyper-focused on delivering the best result we can. On the development side of the project, it’s more business as usual, and that business is building, polishing, and delivering new features.

Our next feature is something players have been asking for: Friend Challenges. Many players want to be able to challenge a specific friend to a duel, rather than be placed in the overall matchmaking pool. In fact, this is the number 1 most requested feature we’ve heard of.

Once we’re done, you’ll be able to:

  • Maintain a list of your friends
  • See¬†whether they’re online or offline
  • Chat with other online friends within the game client
  • And, most importantly: Challenge your friends to duels

There’s a lot of work behind the scenes to make all this happen. Luckily, we don’t have to build everything. PlayFab gives us a simple friend list (and block list – those are important too!), and Photon gives us the chat system. We still have to integrate them, build all the UI, polish everything up, and test all the weird corner cases.

One other thing that’s coming soon: A long, hard look at all our removal. Right now, the amount of good removal is overshadowing the units we want to shine. We’re going to be looking at making our removal narrower in general. We’ll also look at some new abilities for units that make them a little more survivable. All this is with a goal of making combat decisions matter in more games, and making our units shine!