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2 Tech Cards

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by DeGenesis, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. DeGenesis

    DeGenesis Novice

    Name - Stealth Upload
    Card Type - Tech - Rare
    Cost - 3
    Text - Target Friendly Can't be blocked until the end of the turn
    Propose - Explore more the Infiltrate ability and abilities that trigger once you cause damage to the opponent, can also be a good game finisher if the opponent is low health but has units to defend and destroy your units.

    Name - Nanobots Complex
    Card Type - Tech - Unique
    Cost - 8
    Attack - 0 Health 6
    Text - Evade.
    -When a power is used,create a 2/3 Scrap bot or Ignite bot or Med pack bot at random and put it into play.
    Scrap Bot Text: Sacrifice this unit,stun random enemy unit.
    Ignite bot Tex: Sacrifice this unit, Deals 2 damage to target enemy.
    Med-Pack bot Text: Sacrifice this unit, target unit or player restores 5 Health.
    Purpose: Expand the possible combos for tech, Its like a neat toolbox,makes sense tech-toolbox xD, Original idea was that players would choose a bot but i think if 2 or 3 or more powers are played in the same turn,that kind of mechanics could take some real time from players time to act, Random toolbox :p

    Hope this helps maybe you guys can scrap something out of it, something tech +.+

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