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New Discord Chat Server

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tiny Grimes, May 23, 2016.

  1. Tiny Grimes

    Tiny Grimes Overseer of Assimilation Staff Member

    Hey there everybody,

    I've got a bit more time these days, and I am looking to talk and play more Nova Blitz. I am on Discord most of the day anyway. So I set us up a Discord chat room.

    Here is the invite: https://discord.gg/011trkzUneLpUNhvv
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  2. come join us in discord when you have a chance people! I will make it look good when I get a chance later, TinyGrimes is an old man so he can't be expected to be on top of that sort of stuff. :cool:
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  3. bump. everybody join the Discord to coordinate playing games of NB! (also to just hang out and chat about the game obv)
  4. ATTN: incoming new players as we go in to Steam Early Access - come join the Discord channel! discussion of the game, decklists, drafting and match making all rolled into one! see you all online
  5. just a quick update bump.

    any new players with the official release feel free to come join us in the community discord! we're playing many games a day
  6. dihydrogen

    dihydrogen Nova

    The instant invite is not working...it says invalid or out of date when I attempt to join.
  7. https://discord.gg/GjEt2yd

    new link, should work.

    thanks for the heads up!

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