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Some Cards

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Ruther Medeiros, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. I'm bringing some card ideas that I've seen in other card games and I think it'd awesome to have in this game. And some others I myself made.
    • Dragon Statue
    • Construct / Divine
    • 1
    • Can't Attack. Can't Block.
    • 7 / 9
    • The idea is a card that gets stronger when purified.
    • Poltergeist
    • Ghost / Arcane or Nature
    • 1
    • Regenerate
    • 0 / 7
    • The idea is to have a card to absorb some damage on the early game.
    • Second version of Poltergeist
    • Ghost
    • 1
    • Armor 6
    • 0 / 1
    • Just a variation of the last card. Same purpose.
    • Ancient Frogman
    • Wizard / Arcane
    • 4
    • Summon: Both Players discard 10 cards from their deck then draw 2.
    • 4 / 5
    • Just see the next card (It was a bit hard to make it balanced, and I still think it's too strong).
    • Unearthing Power
    • Power / Arcane
    • 2
    • Shuffle all constructs from your trash back to your deck.
    • I just want some mill decks, okay?
    For now it's just this.
  2. Sakuri

    Sakuri Adept

    I think Specter would be a better Typing than Ghost. Just to keep in with what Arcane already has. While I do like the flavors, unfortunately their current incarnations are a bit too strong as is.

    Dragon Statue pretty easily can be activated Turn 2 via Purify (which Cantrips, so you're not really givine anything up to turn it on) 7/9 is a stat line even bypassing the second strongest 3-drop in the game (Field Medic). Being above 6 Strength or 6 Health also makes you immune to all non-Electrocute removal. I like the concept, but I'd scale the Cost up to at 'least' 3. Probably 4 due to ease of activation. If you really want to keep it at 1 cost then those stats are going to have to go down to 6/6 maximum.

    Ghost is a little harder for me to get behind. We already have a fair number of ways to deal with early aggression. Chaos 'is' the aggression. Divine has decent bodies and anti-aggro AoE. Arcane has lots of ping spells and anti-aggro AoE. Tech has lots of First Strike on their early minions. Nature has the 5/6 Crab which either double trades or eats some primo removal. Again, the 7 Health is making it immune to too much removal and with even a small Turn 2 buff this just becomes an insane monster.

    Poltergeist is a little bit better. But I still am not sure it fills the anti-early niche better than what we have. Additional it only takes a single casting of Disfavor to turn every ghost into a dead-drop. That's why the few 1/1s we have are either game changers (Verdant Druid's ability to lead into Nature's Ramping scheme) or have Last Breath's attached to them.

    Frogman is just far, far too powerful. I forget her name but there's a nature card who triggers the Summon ability of all your units on the board. So effectively this would create a deck that could mill 72 cards on the high end (more if you count multiple triggers, bouncing, ect.) Tying this into Unearthing Power, while I do have a soft spot for Mill decks I'm not entirely sure they have a place in Nova Blitz. Once all the issues with aggro are ironed out, Nova Blitz is a really, really combo centric game that encourages it more so than any other card game on the market right now. Mill decks would pretty much destroy that paradigm and force players to focus on decks that don't need any combinations to do well. Aka: Aggro, Zoo, Tempo. Aka: What Hearthstone has been for the past year.

    You do have some really promising starts here though.

    Divine Constucts are a theme I would love to see explored in future expansion. And amphibian wizards could be an interesting subtype for Nature to explore.

    Please continue to keep making suggestions~. Every idea has value and passion merits commentary. :3
  3. Thanks for the feedback,
    I do need to say that I found extremely hard to make all cards balanced. This game balance is totally different from any other I've seen in my life. I create Hearthstone cards as a hobby, but it's totally different. Sorry, I know all cards were totally not balanced, but I hope I could give you some ideas. Although, I just wanna say that I set dragon statue stats extremely high because I thought: "I'm going to spend mana on something that does exactly nothing", I thought it was fair to double the usual stats (I think you noticed, but I based the balancing on ancient watcher from hearthstone). And don't mind too much about the type and aspect of the card (I havent realized until you say that I put construct and divine on same card), I just chose the ones I thought would fit, but I never cared about it, it could be anything, again, the only thing that matters is the idea behind the card. Also, 90% of cards that I'll post here will be just for fun (mill decks included). I believe that every card game has to have some not so good but fun cards/decks to play with. Not saying that this game doesn't have it (teleporting kaiju is awesome), but that's my main focus.

    I said I create Hearthstone cards, right? Now I'm bringing some card ideas of mine (all my Hearthstone cards: rutherfordio.imgur. com)
    • Concussive Shells
    • Power / Maybe Chaos?
    • 4
    • Deal 6 damage to a unit and the overkill damage to all enemy units
    • I don't know if I explained well, but the idea is, take a 2 health unit, the power deals 6 damage, and 4 (6-2=4) to all enemy units. If we had a card that sets unit's health to 1 could be a great combo.
    • In the Dark
    • Power / Arcane or Divine
    • 3
    • Put 2 Merfolk Scouts on the top of the enemy deck.
    • It is supposed to work like a reverse card draw. Instead of drawing cards, you deny your opponent's draw. This card was already discussed with lots of people, and many think it's an unfun mechanic, but I think it's fair and worse than a real card draw. Just let me know what you guys think.
    • Sphinx
    • Hybrid / I really don't know which aspect it fits
    • 5
    • Attack: Destroy all minions with higher attack than this.
    • 6 / 5
    • It's a really interesting way to board clear. Maybe it's too strong and attack should be higher. Obvious combo with chill bolt (and possibly null mage). To make things really interesting, this card could have frenzy and take damage for minion killed (this way it wouldn't stick for so long). Or maybe it could have frenzy but destroy minions with lower attack, and you's need to deal damage to it to activate the ability, this would fit chaos at least. It also could not destroy but do other thing like dealing damage or drawing card for each minion with higher/lower attack. The possibilities go on infinity.
    • Bee Swarm
    • Insect / Nature
    • 2
    • Last Breath: You get a Bee Swarm from your deck. If you have none, you get from your hand.
    • 5 / 4
    • So, the idea is a card that is very good on the early game and removes the other early minions from your deck. I added the hand part to add more fun. I could use rebirth or reinforcements (not the strongest combos) and keep earning more and more Bees. I don't know if Ancient Egg is a played card, but they share a similar mechanic, they could fit in the same deck. If somehow we had a way to put more copies of a unit into the deck it would also be cool.
    • Stupid Ogre
    • Ogre / Chaos
    • 3
    • Summon: Stun this minion.
    • 8 / 8
    • Nothing exceptional here. You pay a low mana price considering the stats, but for one turn your unit will be useless.
    • Malphas
    • Demon / Divine
    • 5
    • Vanguard. This unit may attack another unit before the combat phase.
    • 6 / 10
    • This card I didn't bring from my creations. This card is almost a AOE spell. You can attack a card before the combat phase, then attack and defend as usual. Too many units can be killed this way. Also the idea is to have a removal to specially dangerous units since the early attack is not suposed to be defended by other unit.
    I hope you like the ideas. Until the next time.
  4. Jeff Alexander

    Jeff Alexander Game Designer Staff Member

    This is an interesting card! Do you use it to kill a single midrange unit or to take out a weenie and put some damage on all the rest? Decisions, decisions.

    Discards and deck returns are easy to make frustrating and overpowered. Adding two Scouts is too strong for Nova Blitz.

    This is a very non-Chaos card thematically. Chaos is about front-loading benefits. Time-delay benefits would be more of an Arcane or Nature thing, depending on specifics. (This one feels very Nature.)

    That said, I'd make this cheaper. You lose a lot of tempo dropping this (outside Verdant Druid combos, at least).

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