Constructed and Draft

Constructed and Draft

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Constructed and Draft

One of the best parts about a trading card game is the ability to participate in events and get rewarded for doing so. We have been brainstorming ways to bring events and rewards to the Nova Blitz Alpha and I’m happy to say we have two really cool announcements this week.

Starting March 15th you will be able to earn free Smart Packs for beating other players online. For every 10 wins you’ll get a free Smart Pack for your account when the Beta goes live. You can earn up to 10 total packs by playing constructed and 10 more in draft. That’s 20 free packs to start off your collection!

We are also introducing two casual event nights where you can find other players and play for packs.


Constructed Tuesdays:

Bring your latest constructed brew and hit the queue every Tuesday at 7pm (PST).

Starts March 15. To enter, build some 40 card decks (1 or 2 Aspects, 3 copy limit per card) select one and press play. Stick around for as long as you like. Each win will help you unlock your free packs.


Draft Wednesdays:

Attempt to draft a new unstoppable deck every Wednesday at 7pm (PST).

Starts March 16! To enter, draft a 30 card deck and press play in the draft menu. Same rewards as Constructed Tuesdays.

These weekly events are a great way to earn your packs and see what other members of the community are playing. It’s also your best chance to play against the Devs. Feel free to brag on the forums if you beat blitzen (Yuri Tolpin) or jeffa (Jeff Alexander).

Your feedback makes a difference! Which Aspects are the best in draft? What amazing new combos did you discover? What card do you like building around for constructed? Let us know on the forums!