First Pre-Alpha Screenshots

Exciting times! We have the first screenshots of our pre-Alpha build! We’re sharing these so you can get a much better idea of how the game plays. The more we share, the more you understand, and the better you can help guide us to make Nova Blitz even better!

Of course, these are all pre-Alpha shots, so expect the graphics to be improved again and again as we get closer to launch. And, stay tuned – game play videos are coming soon!

In this shot, you’re playing an Arcane Energy resource card to gain energy. Note the space for Aspect symbols in the center of your dock (it’s empty now, as this is the first resource card you’ve played), and the Energy bar to the right of them. Both fill up each time you gain energy.

And in this shot, you’re sending your Knight to attacking your opponent. When units attack, they pop up slightly, which you can see here, and then leap at their target to do damage, which you’ll see well in our game play videos!

In this next shot, you can see another attack – your Doom Swarmer is going to make short work of your opponent’s Volcano Giant! Note the green glow around your opponent – both your opponent and their units are legal targets for attacks.

Here, you can see the results of our real-time response system. Your Earth Elemental gives another unit +3/+3 when it’s summoned.  This cancels out the damage from the Cyclopult, ensuring that your Doom Swarmer lives to fight another day!