How To Play Nova Blitz

Let’s go on a quick walkthrough of how to play Nova Blitz! The object of a game of Nova Blitz is to knock your opponent to 0 health. They start at 30 health, so that’s going to take some doing. Luckily, Nova Blitz games are blazing fast, so you can win a game in under 5 minutes!

You start the game with a deck of 60 cards, including resource cards, unit cards, and power cards. From that, you draw a hand of 7 cards. You’ll note that every hand you draw contains a good mix of resources and other cards – the shuffler makes sure of that, so you’ll never get resource screwed! There’s also a chance for mulligans, just in case you drew a bad hand.

Once both players are ready, the first turn starts. Each turn has an action phase (play cards), and then a combat phase (attack with units). Both players play every turn – this isn’t an old-style “my turn then your turn” type of game! This is possible because the real time game engine manages every card played.


In the action phase, both players play at once, in real time. When the phase starts, both players have 10 seconds to make a play. And, whenever a player makes a play, both players get 5 seconds to respond to that play. All cards are played last-in-first-out, so you can respond to anything your opponent does with any of your cards. This means the game is incredibly interactive, and allows for some clever tricks!

Playing a card is simple – just drag it to its target. The game takes care of paying costs, making sure your plays are legal, and telling you what’s going on. Talking of costs, each card costs Energy to play. You gain Energy by playing Resources, and spend it to play units and powers. At the start of each turn, you draw a card, and your Energy refills.


In the combat phase, each unit can attack once, and the players take turns to make those attacks. The player with the strongest unit goes first (strongest means highest Attack value). You can attack your opponent, in which case your unit does damage to them. Or, you can attack their units, in which case the two units deal damage to each other. You’ll see the results of the combat play out in animations on screen – damage is dealt, units die, and deathstrike abilities trigger.

Once your attack has resolved, it’s now your opponent’s turn to attack. Attacks alternate until there are no more units that can attack. At that point, the combat phase is over, and you’re back to the action phase.

The Winner!

When you knock your opponent to 0 health, you win! If you’re playing for fun, you can jump right back into the action. If you’re playing in a tournament, you’ll win a prize (every game win in a tournament gets you a prize!). Whether you win or lose the game, Nova Blitz games are really quick, so there’s always time to jump in and play one more game!