We’ve geared our organized play to cater to players with busy lifestyles. We know you have other demands on your time, so we want to let you play when it most suits you. Leagues are our main form of organized play, and are always available, day and night.

Playing in a league is simple. You sign up, play your games whenever you want, and keep playing as long as you keep winning. You can keep playing until you lose 3 games, and there’s no limit to the number of games you can win. Once you lose 3, your league run is over, and you collect your prizes.

You don’t have to play all your games at the same time, so you could play over the course of a weekend, or just one game a day. This lets you pick the best time to play, and allows you to squeeze games in around work, studies, kids, or whatever other commitments you have.

There are two kinds of leagues: Draft leagues, where you draft packs to build your deck, and Constructed leagues, where you bring a deck built from your collection. In both kinds, you can play all of your games on your own schedule. And, in both, you’re always paired up against another player with a similar record to you. This keeps games fair; if you’re 0 and 2, you won’t get paired up with someone who’s already 8 and 0.

We’re still working on our entry fees and prize structure – we want to make something that’s simple, encourages play, and rewards skill. And, we want to keep leagues affordable, as we’ve talked about previously – we’d really like to hit the $5 price point, assuming the rest of the economy works out.

To start with, we’ll have one draft league and one constructed league available. We’ll rotate draft formats regularly and release new cards for constructed regularly – it’s important to keep the formats fresh, as that ensures people have as much fun as possible. We’ve even talked about releasing (small) monthly card set updates – adding a few cards to the draft, and releasing a small booster pack to augment constructed. We’re still looking at the pros and cons of that idea; let us know what you think.