The Nature Aspect

There are five Aspects in Nova Blitz. Each Aspect has its own philosophies, strengths, and weaknesses.

Nature is the Aspect of life and destruction. The Nature symbol is a leaf, representing growth, life, and renewal. Nature’s power revolves around plants and fearsome beasts as well as the elements: water, earth, fire, and air.

Nature is a constant cycle of birth, destruction, rebirth, and evolution. The Keepers of Life channel Nature’s nurturing and life-giving side, while the Burning Hordes channel the destructive side of Nature’s power.

Earth and water are the elements of life. Druids and minotaurs use these elements to create life, grow it, and help it evolve into new forms. Earth and water elementals protect the environment from outside influence, while fairies and merfolk defend those who dwell there.

Fire and air are the elements of destruction. Shaman and barbarians ravage the countryside, laying waste to everything. Fire and air elementals cleanse vast areas. Storms, tornados, and volcanos all rain destruction on your opponent. And bigger, scarier beasts trample whatever’s in their path.

As a Nature Nova, your route to victory is straightforward: smash your opponent with fireballs and giant beasts. Your biggest strength lies in your Units. Nature Units tend to be larger and more powerful than those of other Aspects. And where there’s one Nature Unit, more are bound to follow. Nature excels at creating two, three, or even more Units with a single card, ensuring you’ll overwhelm your opponent’s defenses and push the fight home.

Your Powers support your Units. They boost your Energy reserves to allow you to summon more Units, then boost those Units’ stats to make them even stronger. They heal damage that you or your Units have suffered. Offensively, they rain Nature’s own fury down on your opponent, causing widespread damage or poisoning Units to death.

Nature is an unsubtle Aspect. It has few ways to remove opposing Units from the board other than a lethal amount of injury, and scarcely any method of countering or redirecting the opponent’s actions as they happen. Its only recourse in the event of an unexpected strike is to take it on the chin and hope it can hit back even harder.

That’s an overview of the Nature aspect. Let us know what you think in the Nova Blitz forums!