New Alpha Build

New Alpha Build

New Alpha Build

As we get closer and closer to Beta (and Steam Early Access), we’ve been polishing & revising the game client. Before we go out to a wider community in Early Access, we want some extra sets of eyes on the current build!

Mac & Windows builds

There are a LOT of changes! And some of the changes might break existing accounts, so bear with us, and if anything does break for you, let us know. The biggest changes are:

  1. Card ownership is now turned on, so you can’t play cards you don’t own. Complete the tutorials & you’ll be given the starter cards (200 cards)
  2. As a result of card ownership being turned on, a lot of existing decks are going to be invalidated (because you don’t own the cards). Any un-owned cards are automatically removed from decks.
  3. You’ll earn Credits and NanoBots for winning games.
  4. You’ll unlock more cards by winning games (There’s 150 or so cards you can unlock this way)
  5. The Friends system is a proper Friends system now. You’ll be able to request a friend, and that friend will see the request. A side-effect of this, though, is that any existing friends will be wiped (because they haven’t been confirmed by the other friend). So, request the friend again, and you’ll see them as a friend when they confirm.
  6. Some card balance changes (lowering the cost of some utility Powers to make them more playable, nerfing some 1-5 cost aggro units)
  7. All the card art is in for Set 1 now!
  8. Smart Packs are even smarter – you’re much less likely to get a 4th copy of a card if there are other cards of that aspect & rarity that you don’t yet have.

Known issues include the visual effects all being off-scale (We’re re-building it all from the ground up).

For Kickstarter backers, we’ll process Kickstarter rewards as part of moving to Early Access. So you’ll have a month or so of being “regular” players before you gain a godlike amount of cards!