Patch Notes – 7/14/15

Patch Notes – 7/14/15

Patch Notes – 7/14/15

Welcome to our first Alpha patch! You can download the new client on the download page (you don’t need to, but you won’t get the fancy new features if you don’t).


  • We’ve added a bigger zoom (now 200%) on cards, and pop-up keyword ability descriptions to the client. Currently this feature only appears on cards in your hand; we’ll be adding it to cards in the arena, as well as the deck builder, in the next patch. To see the zoom and keyword descriptions, click and hold any card in your hand.
  • The “reset” button is always active in the deck builder, so you can use it to return to the top, even if you don’t have any filters set.
  • You can toggle deck builder filters on and off in their menus, so you won’t need to reset as much.

Bug Fixes:

  • Regal Unicorn now actually prevents damage to itself from other units, instead of just claiming to.
  • Some cases where cards incorrectly overlapped in the Arena have been fixed (including playing cards and attacking)
  • Deck list animation in the deck builder has been extended (it will now show up even on slow machines).
  • Fixed issues playing cards when cards in your hand are discarded.
  • Prevented mis-clicks when cards move around while you’re targeting a card (interim fix; we want to make this experience better still in a future update)

Card Changes:

  • Electrocute: Reduced cost to 1.
    • Tech needed better tools to deal with cheap opposing units.
  • Enforced Peace: Changed to Defensive Formation: All your units (everywhere) get +0/+3.
    • Enforced Peace wasn’t a necessary card, and tended to extend games. Because we’re a digital game, we can change cards you haven’t even drawn yet. “Everywhere” means hand, arena, trash, and deck.
  • Miracle: Changed to “Put two Angels into the arena then heal 7”.
    • Large card drawing is out of flavour for Divine. Dropping Angels on your opponent’s face in in flavour.
  • Ancient Egg: Cost 4.
    • The egg was abusive at cost 3. Testing at 4; if that doesn’t work, we’ll look at a redesign.
  • Proliferate: Cost 4.
    • Testing this change, as ramp was too good overall.
  • Scion of Lightning: Bonus drops to +1/+0 from +1/+1.
    • +1/+1 made the Scion too un-interactive; this change keeps it interacting with first strike and damage powers for longer.
  • Minotaur Berserker: Changed to 5/5, Aggressive 2, When you play a unit with cost 3 or less, deal damage equal to that unit’s Attack to a random enemy (including players).
    • Changed to make the card feel more Legendary.

Buffed many 4 & 5 drop cards, to make mid-range decks more viable:

  • Vampire Duke: 3/4 – when it damages a unit, it now gets +1/+1 and fully heals.
  • Assault Trooper: Now gets +2/+2 rather than +1/+1
  • Fighter Bomber: 4/3
  • Shadow Ninja: 5/4
  • Support Bot: Now 3/5
  • Stalwart Paladin: 3/8
  • Lightning Angel: 5/4
  • Regal Unicorn: 4/2. Also, now its ability actually works (preventing damage from units)
  • Wave Elemental: Buffed to 6/8; now won’t unsummon itself if it’s your only unit.
  • Werewolf: All numbers increased to 2: +2/+2 and Regen 2.
  • Mega Zeppelin: 5/3
  • Smoldering Tank: 8/4
  • Rhinosaur: Now deals 1 to all enemies after it attacks