Patch Notes – 7/21/15

Patch Notes – 7/21/15

Patch Notes – 7/21/15

We’ve got a great update for you this week: We’ve enabled full-screen mode in the client! To enter Full-Screen mode, click the broken square in the top right hand corner. To exit, click the square again. You’ll have to re-download the client to get access to this feature.

Also, we’ve done a lot of card balance changes. We focused on removal cards this week – we’d found that in general, we had too much removal, so controlling strategies were too consistent. Here’s the changes:

  • Brutalize:¬†Increase cost to 3 from 2
  • Polymorph: Increased cost to 4 from 3
  • Death Grasp: This card becomes “Shadowcaster“, a 3-cost 2/4 Wizard for that creates a Zombie every time your opponent plays a Power.
    • We wanted more Zombie-related cards, more cards that survive removal, and more cards that punish Power-heavy decks. This is all three in a tidy package.
  • Pestilence: This card becomes “Lord of Rot“, a 4-cost 3/4 Zombie that gives your other Zombies +1/+1, and gives you a Zombie every turn.
    • We decided that Poison wasn’t worth it on only 2 cards. We’ll bring it back in an expansion!
  • Electrocute: Now only affects units that cost 2 or less. Also, art swapped with Stun.
  • Stun: This card becomes “Shockwave“. 2-cost: Stun target enemy, & deals 1 damage to it and all other enemies. Uses the old “Electrocute” art.
  • Elf Ninja: She’s now a 4/4, up from 4/3. Also, her ability becomes “When Elf Ninja survives damage, unsummon her and destroy the strongest enemy unit that costs 2 or less”
  • Shadow Ninja: Now only affects units that cost 2 or less.
  • Assassinate: Now only affects units that cost 5 or less.
  • Judgment: Now only destroys units with Power 4 or greater.
    • This makes Judgment more of a “build around me” card, and less of an all-out sweeper.
  • Contaminate: New card. “Blight Druid” 3-cost 3/4 Druid. with “When your opponent plays a power, gain 1 max energy”
  • Rigged to Blow: Increased cost to 4 from 3

Other Changes:

  • Secret Cache: Now limited to finding Powers that cost 3 or less.
    • It’s not clear that this is actually a nerf, but we like the card more now.
  • Augury: Now only returns Units.
    • Augury’s still good; it’s no longer un-fun now it can’t return itself.
  • Archangel: Now a 7/4 with Shield, and “When one of your units heals, it gains Shield”.
    • This allows the Archangel to combo with other Angels a little more.
  • Demonic Dragon: Now costs 7, and has “When you’re damaged by an enemy, deal 8 damage to that enemy”
    • A 5-cost dragon with a drawback wasn’t what we wanted. This monster really punishes your opponent for hurting you, which is much more fun (for you!)

Finally, we’ve updated the starter decks. If you want to get the new starter decks on your account, you can do so by deleting all your decks (this will auto-populate your account with new starter decks)