Patch Notes – 7/7/15

Patch Notes – 7/7/15

Patch Notes – 7/7/15

Welcome to the first Alpha patch notes. Here’s the changes in this update. No new client download is needed.

Improvements & Features:

  • Action Phase and Combat Phase timers are extended in AI play (to 50% longer than the length in PvP), to give new players more chance to read their cards
  • The AI now blocks a little more often than it previously did
  • Visual effects added to many more cards

Bug Fixes:

  • None

Card Functional Changes:

  • Irkham Djinn: Now reduces the cost of drawn cards to 1
  • Vampire Queen: Up to 4/7 from 3/7
  • Cavalry Bot: New card name is now “Robo-Centaur”
  • Electrocute: Can now target friendly or enemy units
  • Flyborg: Up to 3/4 from 2/4
  • Shockwave Tank: Up to 4/5 from 4/3
  • Devoted Paladin: Up to 4/5 from 4/4
  • Hellfire: Energy cost increased to 5 from 4
  • Air Elemental: Up to 5/5 from 5/4
  • Frantic Search: Now discard 1, then draw 2
  • Drax, The Unarmed: Now deals 1 damage instead of 2

Card Redesigns

  • Shambling Horde: New design: 4-cost 4/4 that can’t block, and gives you two 2/2 Zombies when it dies.
  • Support Bot (was Hunter Killer): New design: 4-cost 2/2 Robot. After it attacks, it gives another attacker +2/+0 and First Strike.
  • Demon Hunter (was Inquisitor): New design: 2-cost 3/3 that gains Shield when you play an Angel.
  • Goblin Apprentice (was Stun): New design: 2-cost 1/1 Goblin that forces your opponent to discard a 4+ cost Power when it’s summoned.
  • Goblin Buzzbomber: Now a 2/2 Goblin with Airborne. After it attacks, it gives your weakest Goblin +1/+0.