Power Cards

It’s time to talk about the third type of card in Nova Blitz: Power cards! Power cards have a one-shot effect on the game, and then go to the Trash. They’re one of the main ways you’ll interact with your opponent – Powers can create units, kill units, modify units, or even affect a player directly. While a cheap Power might only have a minor effect on the game (a few damage, or drawing a new card), an expensive Power might destroy all units, or something even more impressive.

Each Aspect has its own Powers – some Aspects are better at creating or protecting units, while other Aspects are better at damaging or destroying them. And, every Aspect has powers that can have a radical effect on the game.

Each Power card has a name (top middle), an Energy cost (top left), one or more Aspect icons (below the Energy cost), an illustration of the power’s effects, a text box containing an explanation of the Power’s effects, and a rarity icon (bottom right). The card frame of a Power will match its Aspect, letting you see at a glance which Aspect each Power is part of.

Some Power cards are targeted, while some don’t have a target. To play a targeted Power, drag the targeting arrow to the card’s target. To play an untargeted Power, simply drag it from your hand into the Arena. The game will highlight which Powers are legal to play at any given time, and also highlight legal targets for targeted Powers, so you don’t have to guess!

In Nova Blitz, targets work slightly differently from some other trading-card games. Firstly, we’ve limited cards to no more than one target. This means that every single card in the game is more tablet accessible and can be played by tapping and dragging the card. This keeps the user interface light and friendly, so you can focus on your strategies.

Secondly, targeted cards will resolve even if their target is no longer legal. The card will still do as much as possible, even though it won’t have any effect on the target, and won’t be able to get any information about its target. For example, a card that says “Destroy all units that share a type with target unit” wouldn’t kill any units if its target disappeared. But, a card that says “Destroy all units except target unit” would still kill all other units. This allows for some unique plays and opportunities to foil your opponent’s plays!

Have any other questions about Power cards? Let us know on the forums!