Roderick Tane of the Crystal Order

Roderick Tane of the Crystal Order

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Roderick Tane of the Crystal Order

As a child, Roderick Tane exhibited signs of magical talent before his twelfth year. It wasn’t strong, but developing it so soon brought him to the attention of the Crystal Order. This ancient society of mages was perpetually on the lookout for prospective new apprentices to keep their ranks strong and maintain their oligarchy over the Arcane lands. Roderick said goodbye to his parents and followed the Order’s deligates to the arcane academy where he’d be spending the rest of his formative years.

Once there, he was apprenticed to Mordicant, an illustrious mage who immediately put the lad under a strict academic regimen. Initially, the boy excelled, but as the years passed, his master grew more and more concerned with his progress. No matter how well he thought he’d mastered his practice spells, no matter what unexpected discoveries his student research turned up, Mordicant acted disappointed. Desperate to prove that everyone’s faith in his abilities was not misplaced, Roderick secluded himself in Mordicant’s tower redoubled his efforts.

This was, of course, what the unscrupulous mage had intended all along. While his student toiled in his tower making progress well beyond his years, Mordicant presented the boy’s discoveries as his own to gain prestige within his own mage’s guild. Roderick knew nothing of this. Apprentices weren’t allowed at guild meetings, and his arduous studies kept him out of contact with other apprentices and ignorant of Mordicant’s deception.

Truth came to light shortly after Roderick’s inevitable graduation. His master fabricated excuses to his guild for two years to delay Roderick’s final exam and assured promotion to fully fledged — and independent — chronomancer, but eventually the day came. Roderick aced the test and took his rightful place in the novice circle.

More importantly, his new contact with other mages finally revealed what Mordicant had been up to behind his back all those years. All the stolen credit, the unearned honors, the blatant lies about his spellcasting mastery… Roderick was furious. He confronted Mordicant directly, but the older mage simply ignored him. He demanded justice through the guild and discovered that, technically, it was within the rules for a master to take credit for his apprentice’s accomplishments. He even sought a formal duel against his former teacher, but Mordicant had too much political sway. The guild dismissed Roderick’s grievances as trivial and ordered him to leave the matter behind.

Today, on the surface, Roderick Tane is an accomplished chronomancer with few equals. Beneath, he still harbors an unrequited grudge against the man who stole his childhood for personal gain. One day, he will have that duel he was denied all those years ago.