Smart Mulligans – the Nova Blitz Way

Smart Mulligans – the Nova Blitz Way

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Smart Mulligans – the Nova Blitz Way

Sometimes, even with the Nova Blitz shuffler, you draw a really bad hand. There’s no great way around this – a hand that looks like a bad hand for one deck might be great for another deck.

The Nova Blitz shuffler prevents resource screw and resource flood. But it doesn’t give you full control over your hand. You might draw all Tech cards and all Arcane energy. Or, you might draw 3 resources and 4 expensive units. In those situations, our mulligan system is your friend.

You get 3 mulligans at the start of the game. To take a mulligan, choose and discard a card from your hand. Then, you’ll draw a card. If you discarded a resource, you’ll draw a resource. And if you discarded a non-resource card, you’ll draw another non-resource card. This lets you mulligan to find a card you need, without fear of accidental resource screw.

We’ll be testing the mulligan system throughout our Beta. We’ll be looking at in-game data to see how mulligans are used, what choices people are making, and whether it’s helping to make the game either (a) more fun, or (b) more skill-testing. We’ll also be watching the performance of top decks to make sure that the mulligan system isn’t making one type of deck too dominant.

And as always, we’ll be talking with you, our players, to see what you like and and feel could be improved with the system. Have any feedback now? Start a discussion on the forums!