Surprise and Delight

Running a trading card game community is a lot like buying a birthday present for your mother. When you’re buying and giving a present, you’re trying to make your mother as happy as possible. And, the best way to do that is to surprise her with a present that she really wants. Both parts are vital – it has to be a surprise, and it has to be something she really wants. These are the two parts of “Surprise and Delight”, which is a philosophy we hold very dear to our hearts.

“Surprise” is all about action – picking the right time, wrapping the present in the best paper, and presenting it in the right way.

“Delight” is all about listening – it’s the hard part. You need to know what your mother wants. And we need to know what the Nova Blitz community wants. We both do it in the same way. We listen. We talk to you (remember to call your mother!). We look for clues about what you might want. And then we take everything that we’ve learned, and we put a whole bunch of work in to design, develop, and polish whatever it is that will surprise and delight you the most.

At that point, it’s up to us to get them right, wrap them up, and deliver them!

In the Nova Blitz community, this is exactly what we’re doing (of course, we’re asking you, not your mother). We’ll ask all kinds of questions, listen for feedback, listen to your design ideas, and talk to you about your thoughts. Once we’ve got your feedback and ideas, our design & development teams will put them into action. There’s a few different ways we’ll do this.

For a new feature, the dev team will take the idea, build on it, refine it, and write the code to make it work. We’ll often give updates as the feature goes through development, both to show & tell the progress so far, and to get more feedback to make it even better. Then, we’ll wrap it up in a build, and release it to everyone!

For card ideas, things work a little differently. If you design a card in our forums, we might chime in on the post with “hey, nice design.” Or, we might start talking about the design, and what we like about it. And then, there will be silence. That might mean that we like it, but we don’t see a place for it now. Or, it might mean that we’re busy putting it into a new set. Either way, we’ll often choose to keep quiet so we can build up to the big surprise of a brand new set!

Of course, we can’t do any of this without your feedback. Let us know what you want to see in Nova Blitz – we want you to like how it turns out.