The Arcane Aspect

There are five Aspects in Nova Blitz. Each Aspect has its own philosophies, strengths, and weaknesses.

Arcane is the Aspect of magic. The Arcane symbol is the All-Seeing Eye, representing awakening the minds of the living and reawakening the bodies of the dead. Arcane power is mostly used by the Crystal Order in their quest to rule the galaxy, and by the Undying, to grow the ranks of their undead army.

The Crystal Order operates in the open, or at least they seem to. Since any Order member can create complex illusions and even change the fabric of reality, you can never be sure what’s going on. While Wizards animate magical constructs, Adepts summon otherworldly beings from forgotten dimensions. Elves practice ancient forms of divination, and Djinns grant wishes to those clever enough to ask correctly.

The Undying are a different story. With them, it’s all darkness and death. Vampires work in the shadows, stealing Health and sometimes entire Units. Necromancers animate zombies, specters, and other undead as relentless footsoldiers. Liches rule over the underworld, summoning foul beings from beyond the gates of death and binding them to their command.

As an Arcane Nova you’ll control the game and manipulate your opponent. You might use your magic to deceive your opponent with powerful illusions that cloud their senses or make your Units invisible. You might ply the future, peering ahead at what cards lie in store for both of you and even making a little adjustment here and there. You might weave enchantments to change the very fabric of reality, making it difficult or dangerous for your opponent to bring Units into play or send them against you.

Playing an Arcane deck, you’ll feel like your opponents are puppets to be toyed with for your own amusement. Arcane Powers allow you to stop or reverse your opponent’s plays, trick them with illusions, weaken or steal their Units, and unleash hordes of undead. Once you gain control of the game, you’ll be able to seize victory on your own terms.

Arcane’s weakness is the low military might of its core Units. Wizards and Necromancers have less Power and Health than Units from other Aspects. Hordes of undead are more formidable, but they are neither exceptional nor particularly flexible. Arcane decks rely on magical energies to deceive, delay, control, and weaken their enemies instead of straight-up combat.

That’s an overview of the Arcane aspect. Let us know what you think in the Nova Blitz forums!