The Chaos Aspect

The Chaos Aspect

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The Chaos Aspect

This week, we’re talking about the fifth Nova Blitz Aspect: Chaos. Chaos is the Aspect of creativity and survival. The symbol of chaos is the Vortex, representing the endless possibilities of a life ruled by the forces of chaos. These forces are harnessed by the mechanical creations of the Steam Lords, and they fuel the destructive potential of the Scrappers. If you need someone to make a time machine or blow up an enemy base, Chaos is the place to look!

The Steam Lords live in massive walking fortresses that scour the endless wastes for raw materials and salvageable technologies. To aid them, they create elaborate contraptions and vehicles powered by steam and clockwork. The Scrappers roam in nomadic camps across the endless wastes. Theirs is a life of non-stop raiding, attacking towns, cities, and occasionally Steam Lord fortresses to plunder weapons and materials and conscript cheap labor.

Chaos decks play to win as quickly as possible. They hold nothing in reserve. Chaos relies on keeping the opponent off-balance with early attacks and unpredictable card effects. Chaos Units are aggressive, with high Attack compared to their Health. While this makes them fragile in one-on-one combat, if they’re left unchecked, they can overwhelm an opponent. Chaos Powers supplement this strategy with additional damage, crazy longshots, combos that have wild effects when all the pieces come together, or the ability to throw away everything in exchange for the best card for the situation.

When you’re playing a Chaos deck, you often take risks. That’s its strength…and its weakness. If those risks don’t pay off, you’ll often be back where you started, or worse. Chaos rarely has a Plan B to fall back on when Plan A doesn’t pan out. Its Units also can’t offer your Nova much protection against enemy attacks.

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