The Divine Aspect

There are five Aspects in Nova Blitz. Each Aspect has its own philosophies, strengths, and weaknesses.

Divine is the Aspect of Heaven and Hell. The Divine symbol is the horned halo, representing the close relationship between angels and demons. Divine energy is channeled by Angels as holy light, and by Demons as hellfire.

Both Angels and Demons draw power from being worshipped, and both constantly seek out and convert new followers. But they take very different paths to do so. Angels persuade, cajole, and even brainwash mortals into service of Heaven. Demons use pain, torture, and betrayal to break a mortal’s will and chain them into serving Hell. Most of the time Angels and Demons co-exist in an uneasy truce. Occasionally, all-out war breaks loose, spilling across the galaxy and causing the deaths of billions of souls.

The forces of Heaven fight for the common good, protecting their flock with holy light. Clerics and paladins form the bulk of the forces of Heaven, with healing and protective powers allowing other units to survive longer. The officers of the heavenly host are the angels. Creatures of immense power and beauty, they’re unflinching in their devotion to their cause.

The denizens of Hell fight for their own twisted purposes. Cultists and demon-worshipers use cruelty, rituals, and hellfire to demoralize their foes and sacrifice the weak for the sake of their powerful masters. The Demons themselves take all kinds of forms, sometimes hideous, sometimes beautiful, and always deadly.

Divine cards frequently involve healing, protection, and defensive abilities as well as sacrificing Health or cards in lieu of Energy. Divine decks also keep their opponents off-balance. The Divine Aspect is uniquely capable of imposing restrictions on the flow of the game. A powerful Angel may redirect all damage to itself, while an imposing Demon may prohibit weak Units from attacking. Other Divine cards could even render certain traits and abilities inoperative across the entire playfield.

On the other hand, Divine cards tend to be predictable. Hidden surprises and sneaky, unexpected reactions aren’t in the Divine playbook. Also, their preferred method of removing Units is to return them to their owners’ hand, which simply allows them to be played again.

That’s an overview of the Divine aspect. Let us know what you think in the Nova Blitz forums!