The Nova Blitz Real Drafting System

Drafting is a vital part of any trading card game – it’s fun, different every time, and everyone starts out on a totally level playing field. In a draft, you pick one card from a pack, and then pass that pack to the player to your left, and repeat until you have enough cards to build a deck.

For Nova Blitz drafting, we had two goals. First, that you’re playing a real draft, with packs passed from player to player. And second, that you can draft on your own schedule, and at your own pace. At first, these seem exactly opposite to each other – if another player’s passing cards to you, you’re going to have to wait for them, right?

Well, no. We’ve developed a drafting system that meets both of these goals. As soon as you sign up, you start drafting. There’s no waiting for other people to join the draft. And, as soon as you pick a card from your pack, the next pack is right there for you – no waiting for packs to be passed by a slow drafter. If you want, you can even take a break in the middle of your draft, make a nice cup of tea, and then come back and finish your draft later.

And yes, the packs you draft from are packs that the player to your right passes to you. There’s no algorithm giving you a choice of a few cards, so you’ll do the best if you can read the signals that the people you’re drafting with are sending.

When you draft, the same person passes all your packs to you. This is the key to the system. Instead of passing on the packs you draft immediately, the server saves them all up. Once you’ve finished your draft, it passes the packs on to the next drafter. You’ll draft four packs each time you draft. From those 48 cards, you’ll build a 40-card deck, probably including 16 or 17 energy cards. Once you’ve built your deck, you can play your draft games whenever you want. And as always, the more games you win, the more prizes you’ll win.

As an added bonus, you can edit your deck between games, so if you realize you didn’t build it quite right, or the risky strategy you were taking isn’t working out, you can make improvements as you go! Have any questions or suggestions? Let us know on the forums!