The Tech Aspect

There are five Aspects in Nova Blitz. Each Aspect has its own philosophies, strengths, and weaknesses.

Tech is the Aspect of the future. The Tech symbol is a lightning bolt, representing inspiration, progress, and the electricity at the heart of modern technology. New technologies are created in both corporate research facilities and back-alley hacker shops.

The Aegis Corporation won the Commerce Wars through countless violent competitor takeovers. Now it provides all services, housing, and security to its billions of employees. It also ensures that all citizens in its artificially engineered societies are closely monitored at all times, for in addition to its fortunes, Aegis has the biggest army money can buy. Soldiers, aircraft, and tanks protect the enclaves and space stations that are the home of the galaxy’s corporate elite. Giant mechs patrol the streets to maintain absolute order while heliprops scan the skies above to keep corporate interests safe and sound.

Those who refuse to work for the Aegis Corporation live in the Hive, an endless underworld of alleyways at the frontier of civilization, rife with less-than-legal activity. Ninjas, assassins, and cyborgs skulk, scheme, and murder in dark underpasses and seedy nightclubs. The best hackers in the galaxy can be found in the Hive, hiding out between data-diving runs to infiltrate Aegis’s servers and steal the latest research. Spider tanks can scale the close walls of the Hive with ease and provide heavy weapons support while drones spy on rival gangs and would-be corporate infiltrators.

As a Tech Nova, you’re playing a fast, flexible game. A combination of healing and Armor gives your Units plenty of staying power for repeated assaults. You also have a stockpile of Powers and abilities that provide initiative when it comes to attacking and dealing damage, letting your Units slug it out above their weight class. With these advantages, your forces will outperform and outlast your opponent’s, letting you quickly get on top and stay on top of the battlefield situation.

The range of Tech powers reflects the power of modern technology at the strategic level as well. Your research and development lets you draw more cards than your opponent, which can tip the balance in your favor. Troublesome enemy Units are easily stunned or killed outright. If things get truly out of hand, the odd tactical nuclear device can level the playing field – and every building in a 5-block radius. In other words, there’s nothing you can’t deal with one way or another.

Tech’s weakness is a dearth of tools to damage your opponent’s Nova directly, interfere with your opponent’s card-playing, or protect your Nova in ways besides facing attackers head-on. Their specialization on battlefield supremacy leaves them lacking in other arenas.

That’s an overview of the Tech aspect. Let us know what you think in the Nova Blitz forums!