Unit Cards

Last week, we talked about Energy Cards and how important they are for building your deck. But what should you do once you’ve stockpiled energy? Summon units to fight for you of course!

Units are important, and attacking with units is the most common way to win a game of Nova Blitz. Unit cards go into the Arena when they resolve and stay there until killed. Once they’re in the Arena, you can use your units to attack your opponent or attack your opponent’s units.

Each Unit card has a name (top middle), an Energy cost (top left), one or more Aspect icons (below the Energy cost), an illustration of the unit, a text box containing an explanation of the unit’s abilities, Attack and Health values (bottom left), a unit type (bottom middle), and a rarity icon (bottom right). The card frame of a Unit will match its Aspect, letting you see at a glance which Aspect each Unit is part of.

The Attack and Health values of a Unit are used in combat. Each unit can attack once per turn, and can attack another unit, or your opponent. When a unit attacks (or is attacked), it deals damage equal to its Attack. And, when a Unit is damaged, the damage reduces its Health.

In addition to attacking, units affect the game with their abilities. We’ll go into more detail in the future, but here’s a quick summary of some common abilities.

“Summon” abilities work when the Unit is played and resolves (but not if the Unit enters the Arena through some other means). A Unit with a Summon ability works a little bit like a Power. When the Unit resolves, its ability resolves, has an effect, and then the Unit enters the Arena. In the Arena, it works just like any other Unit.

“Triggered” abilities wait for a condition to become true before they resolve. Common triggered abilities include “Attack triggers”, which trigger when a unit attacks, and “Death triggers”, which trigger when a unit dies. There are lots of different triggers, including both mundane and obscure trigger conditions. Expect to see new triggers as we continue developing the game!

“Continuous” abilities constantly affect the game while the unit is in the Arena. For example, a Captain might give all your Soldiers +1 Attack and +1 Health (written as “+1/+1”). Your Soldiers have this bonus while the Captain’s in the Arena. As soon as it leaves the Arena, your Soldiers lose that bonus.

Each unit can have up to one activated ability. And, each activated ability can be played once per turn, during the Action phase. When you play an Activated ability, it goes onto the stack as a Power, just like a normal Power card. When it resolves, it has an effect on the game, and then disappears (activated abilities don’t clutter up the trash). Normally, an activated power costs one or more Energy to play; some also require additional costs (maybe sacrificing a unit or discarding a card). Each unit can use an activated ability and attack in the same turn.

The way that Nova Blitz handles units is part of what makes the game unique and makes it fun. And let’s face it – smashing your opponent’s face in with your units really is satisfying. Have questions? Drop us a line on the forums!