Why We Want Your Feedback: the Design Perspective

We want you to still be playing Nova Blitz in 20 years time. That’s a lofty goal, and the only way we hit it is to make it the game that you want. We’ll do this in two ways – talking to you directly to get your ideas and feedback and paying attention to all the data that the server collects. We’ll talk more about data later; today we want to talk about feedback. The more feedback we get, the better we can make the game.

When we get feedback, we collect it all together, and discuss what we can learn from it. We’ll look for the root cause – maybe a few seemingly unrelated pieces of feedback actually have the same root cause – and then figure out a good way to fix it.

Game Mechanics

For example, combat has been one area where we’ve been acting on feedback. We’ve had a lot of people play various versions of the demo, and one comment we often heard (and saw) was “I want to declare all my attacks at once”. On the face of it, that’s a pretty simple piece of feedback. When we first got it, we started thinking about how to improve the UX of declaring attackers. At the same time, we got feedback that games were dragging out a little too long – something we’d also seen in our own playtesting.

Putting both of these together led us down a different path entirely – we could improve our combat system into something that’s more fun, more strategic, and easier to understand. While we’re still testing to make sure we’re putting the best possible system together, we’ll be sharing a lot more as we work through it, and it will be added into a demo build as soon as it’s good enough to share.

Card Design

Our forums will include regular card design threads (some started by us, some started by you) in the feedback forum, where you can post and discuss your ideas for card mechanics or entire cards. We’ll be discussing and reviewing the best ideas and putting some community-designed cards into the game.

There are some awesome design ideas on the forums right now — thanks to Indego, Golden Dragon, Zeonax, and others — and we’re already working to figure out what we can add to the game. A couple will need a lot of UX work to make them function. For example, implementing something like Indego’s “Focus” will require us to develop a way to show a selection of cards to a player. The great thing about these suggestions is that they give us an idea of what functions we need to add to Nova Blitz, and how we can use them for other abilities, like searching your deck or picking a card from the trash.

Let us Know

With your feedback and comments, we know that we can make a far better game than we could make on our own.  We’ve a firmly held belief that the more we can get you involved in the design and development of Nova Blitz, the better the game’s going to be, and the more everyone’s going to like it. So, hop on our forums and let us know your thoughts.