Own a piece of the $120 billion
digital gaming market

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In online card games, players want to trade and sell their cards, and they cannot. Players want their cards to grow in value, and they cannot. Even worse, your cards are not your own - they are licensed from the developer, and the developer can revoke that license at any time.


Nova Blitz will solve that with the Nova Token (“NVT”), an ERC-20 token. Holding NVT allows players to:

  1. Own all their cards
  2. Earn copies of every new card, based on proof of stake of NVT
  3. Sell cards for NVT on the in-game card exchange
  4. Win NVT in tournament prizes

For Developers


NVT will provide development, marketing, and user acquisition funds for game developers who integrate the Nova Token platform into their games.

The more developers using the platform, the higher demand for NVT, and the more funds will be available, enabling a cycle of growth.

Own a piece of the $120 billion
digital gaming market

The Nova Token Sale starts on December 11th at 10am EST. Sign up Now!

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We're running a bounty campaign. Check out the Bounty Campaign Information for all the details.


Nova Token holders earn new cards through proof of stake. Stake your NVT on a game, and when the game releases new cards, you’ll earn copies of them based on the amount of NVT you stake. And because these are tokens on the blockchain, you own them, and can:

  • Play with them
  • Sell them to other players
  • Hold on to them in case their value increases

Distribution of cards is based on proof of stake. A minimum NVT holding is required, and the more NVT you stake, the more copies of each card you'll receive.



    Own a piece of the $120 billion
    digital gaming market

    Tournament (1).png

    On-demand tournaments, hosted entirely by the Nova Platform, with no chance of cheating or fraud. Players and game developers can both run tournaments. Organizers earn NVT for running tournaments. Players receive NVT as prizes.

    • REAL PRIZES: Entry fees and prizes are in Nova Tokens.
    • PLAYER-RUN: Players can organize tournaments 100% within the system.
    • SPECIAL EVENTS: Game developers can run their own tournaments and give out additional prizes.
    • SECURE: Tournaments are run on the blockchain, to eliminate any chance of fraud.



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    The Nova Blitz real time trading card game is the first game to integrate the Nova Token platform. Nova Tokens allow you to:

    • Earn and own new cards
    • Win prizes in tournaments
    • Buy special limited-edition items
    • Never spend another dollar on a game again


    Our team collectively has over 100 years of experience across game design, game development, mobile development, and financial technology.



    Own a piece of the $120 billion
    digital gaming market




    Own a piece of the $120 billion
    digital gaming market